Cheeky Monkey

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Lets get a little cheeky

The Cheeky Monkey Gastropub is a new unique venue where fun is not optional, good food is compulsory, and getting drunk is permitted. The place is the bee’s knees and you’re simply going to love pigging out on the yummy food and high-end beer we’ll be swinging around

Take-Away &


We’re missing those times when we’d scratch our baboon heads on how we’ll be getting you fun-loving lot out of our pub when closing time approaches! We miss mate night out! We’re longing for the football frenzy, the taps on the back and the clinking of glasses. Guys and gals, we hope the day we can party is fast approaching, so get your monkey fur combed, fluffed and ready! Until we can serve you once more in our buzzing bar, open our impressive craft beer fridge for you and mix our signature, award-winning, dreamy cocktails, we’ve shifted all the fun and games into our kitchen and are fast becoming one of the best take away restaurants in Malta. Our staff is putting all its energy into chopping, slicing, folding and grilling so that you can enjoy our popular bar food in your own time. So go on, order food from us. Get your favourite bites and plates and recreate your very own pub night in! Choose from our high-end bar bits and bobs, party platters, fish and chips, ribs, rolls or pies. Or go for one of our legendary patties from a choice of the best burgers in Malta and get them delivered straight to your doorstep. Or take out. No sweat! Bring out your mismatched bar bite-sized plates and your pint glasses, turn up the music, stream the latest flick or get ready for the next league match. All that’s left to do is dig into our heavenly patties and fries, our slurpy meaty dishes all glazing and seasoning, our chilli or tartare sides and our posh truffle fries, and you’re sorted. Malta’s cheekiest delivery is coming right up to your door! What’s more, you can monkey around all you like in the comfort of your home – your bed is just a metre away when you’re fully satiated, done and tired! Online ordering is fast and easy and just a click away! Check the online menu, add your items of choice to the shopping cart, place your order and leave the rest to us. Take away your meal or wait for your food delivery. Yes, drooling while you wait is legit. And yes, Tarzan and Jane will be impressed.