The Cheeky Monkey is taking his next great step on the ladder of evolution. From pluck-off-the-tree bananas to juicy gourmet burgers, our chimp-in-chief is now taking on the culinary art of crêpes with true Parisian panache. It’s out with the Oo-oo-ah! and in with the Ooh-la-la!

The Cheeky Monkey Creperie is your one-stop shop for a world of scrumdiddlyumptious snacks and confections. Step inside our bold as brass parlour in Valletta and feast your eyes on a menu brimming with options guaranteed to set your monkey cravings a-tinglin’.

Melt-in-the-mouth sweet and savoury crêpes. Fluffy homemade waffles. An ambrosial assortment of artisanal gelato. Plus, a refreshing selection of smoothies, juices, and coffees brewed to barista perfection.

Whatever tickles your taste, we’ve got bakes and shakes for all kinds of apes.

Monkey-See,-Monkey-Menu-Cheeky Monkey Creperie

Opening Hours


Tuesday to Saturday: 8:00hrs to 17:00hrs


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175, Triq il-Merkanti, Valletta, Malta

+356 2235 4052