Sip on the Best Cocktails in Malta at Cheeky Monkey

Whether it’s a celebratory occasion or just unwinding after a long week, a well-crafted cocktail sets the mood just right. There’s nothing quite like mellowing down over a perfect fusion of spirits and mixers, a delightful blend of refreshing flavours in every sip. For the best cocktails in Malta, look no further than Cheeky Monkey Gastropub. With two convenient outlets in Qawra and Valletta, the Cheeky Monkey team promises not just fantastic drinks but great food and a welcoming ambiance, ensuring your nights are nothing short of memorable.

So, head to Cheeky Monkey for a sip of the finest cocktails in Malta and a guaranteed good time, any day of the week.

Why Cheeky Monkey is the best cocktail bar in Malta!

Don’t just take our word for it. Cheeky Monkey has snagged awards for its top food, drinks, and inviting vibe. Here you’ll find a laid-back spot where you can chill with pals, relish scrumptious eats, and groove to fantastic tunes spun by live DJs and bands on the weekends.

The real magic happens at their well-stocked bar, ready to cater to any celebration. The skilled bartenders whip up a variety of cocktail wonders. Plus, if you swing by Cheeky Monkey any day of the week, you’ll be in for an extended Happy Hour treat. That means your favourite cocktails come in unbeatable 2-for-1 deals. Cheers to that!

A cocktail menu for every mood and occasion

At Cheeky Monkey Malta, our selection of cocktails leaves you spoilt for choice. Every visit promises a chance to savour something fresh and exciting. Explore the menu and discover some of the highlights awaiting you.

Shake things up with Cheeky Monkey’s signature cocktails

Cheeky Monkey’s signature cocktail selection is where the bar team unleashes their creativity with a unique blend of flavours.

  • Smoky Berry: If you’re looking for a bitter-sweet sensation, try the Smoky Berry, which blends a 10-year Laphroaig whisky with raspberry puree, lemon juice, choco-cookie syrup, and more.
  • Cheeky Margarita: For a taste of Cheeky fun, order the Cheeky Margarita, a playful twist on the classic. Made with El Jimador gold tequila, red orange liquor, lime juice, and agave syrup, it’s a refreshing delight that captures the essence of Cheeky Monkey in every sip.
  • Pornstar Martini: For a decadent drink, nothing beats this Pornstar Martini, a tantalising blend of Stoli Vodka, Passoa, and passion fruit puree. With a squeeze of lime juice and a touch of Galliano magic, each sip promises a fresh burst of flavours.
  • Blue Lady: This cocktail is a captivating concoction of Opihr Gin, blue curacao, and the zing of fresh lemon juice. Sweetened with sugar syrup and mixed with velvety egg white, Blue Lady brings a new twist to the typical exotic cocktail.
  • Bramble: In this pretty drink Bombay Gin meets the richness of blackberry liqueur, a burst of lemon juice, and the sweetness of sugar syrup for an intensely sophisticated refreshment.
  • My Tie: Treat your tastebuds to a fusion of pineapple-ginger mixed with rum, the citrusy kick of red orange liqueur, and the nutty sweetness of almond syrup. Balanced with pineapple and lime juice, every sip is like a getaway to a tropical paradise.

Treat yourself to timeless tastes with classic cocktails

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot better than a classic, and at Cheeky Monkey Malta, they have the perfect selection of old and new cocktails that will keep you coming back for more. Indulge in perfection with an Espresso Martini, a bestseller that combines vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, and sugar syrup for an irresistibly rich experience.

For a sophisticated delight, sip on the Negroni, a fusion of gin, Campari, and vermouth rosso. And if you fancy timeless favourites, the menu has your back with Mojitos, Pina Coladas, Long Island Iced Teas, and more.

Mocktails that rock

Organising a night out with friends gets tricky when there’s someone in the party who can’t drink alcohol. While soft drinks are always an option, it doesn’t quite match the vibe when everyone else is enjoying colourful cocktails. Thankfully, Cheeky Monkey has you covered with a fantastic selection of non-alcoholic delights.

Take a sip of Bora Bora, a tropical mix of pineapple juice, lemon juice, passion fruit puree, and Grenadine syrup. It’s bursting with flavours. For a surprisingly sophisticated beverage, try the Green Apple which blends apple juice, lime juice, and blue curacao syrup for a seriously silky delight. Now, everyone can join in the fun with vibrant, booze-free options that taste anything but ordinary.

Sip on bubbly bliss with Prosecco cocktails

For some, Prosecco is more than just a treat, it’s an obsession. At Cheeky Monkey, they’ve taken the joy of Prosecco to the next level with creative twists in their Prosecco cocktail selection.

Take a sip of the Italian Twist, where Campari, elderflower syrup, and mint leaves introduce a refreshing burst of flavours. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, try the Fizzy Monkey, blending the refined notes of Cognac and aromatic bitters in the mix. And for a classic taste of sunset in a glass, go for the Aperol Spritz.

Cosy up with warm cocktails

When the winter months set in, there’s nothing better than cosying up with friends over a heart-warming drink. At Cheeky Monkey, they’ve mastered the art of adding just the right amount of booze to your warm beverages for a seriously comforting experience.

Embrace the warmth with a winter classic, Mulled Wine, which blends Port wine, fruits and spices for a mouth-watering treat. If you’re a chocoholic, Cheeky Monkey brings the alcohol to your hot chocolate dreams with a velvety chocolate brew brought to life with Grand Marnier cognac, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. It’s the ultimate winter indulgence that promises to warm you from the inside out.

Say cheers with beer cocktails

For beer lovers up for new flavours, Cheeky Monkey’s beer cocktails are a must-try. The Dissident sees lager meet tequila, strawberry puree, and lime juice, creating a fruity celebration. And for those curious about a Caribbean twist to a beer, give the Tropical a go. This golden lager gets a splash of excitement with passion fruit puree and lemon juice. Cheeky Monkey knows how to turn your beer experience into a new adventure, bringing unique and refreshing combinations to your glass.

Have a spirited adventure with Cheeky Monkey’s extensive range of alcoholic beverages

Beyond all the delightful cocktail goodness, Cheeky Monkey boasts an extensive line-up of spirits, wines, and alcoholic beverages that’s sure to impress. Explore a vast selection, from craft beers to an array of gins, rums, whiskies, cognacs, vodkas, and beyond. They’ve got it all, including trays of shots for those looking to add a little extra fun to the evening. The variety ensures that, no matter where the night takes you, you’ll find the perfect sip to elevate your cocktail experience.

Are you ready to experience the best cocktails in Malta? Swing by Cheeky Monkey in Valletta or Qawra, open daily. Book your table in advance to avoid disappointment.