5 Reasons why Cheeky Monkey rules as the best bar in Malta

Good times and bars go together like (well, to keep with a theme) a classic gin and tonic pairing. There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect bar to hang out with mates and colleagues after work or on the weekend, for fun chat and laughs over quality drinks and food. At Cheeky Monkey, we proudly stand as one of the best bars in Malta, backed by awards and rave reviews from our customers. With venues in Valletta and Qawra, we’re your go-to spot for unforgettable moments any day of the week.

If you aren’t acquainted with the Cheeky Monkey experience yet, here are five fab reasons why we’re celebrated as one of Malta’s best bars and pubs.

#1 – Legendary drinks

A fantastic drink selection should be par for the course at any bar worth its salt, and at Cheeky Monkey, we excel in offering just that. Our expert bar team is renowned for crafting a diverse range of cocktails, including many unique signatures using creative ingredients and blends. But beyond cocktails, our extensive menu features an array of beers, gins, vodkas, rums, whiskeys, cognacs, and wines. Whatever’s your go-to tipple, you’re bound to find your favourite drink at Cheeky Monkey… and make a few new ones in the meantime.

Cheeky Monkey Gastropub - Cocktails in Malta

#2 – Epic food

Whether you like a little snack to wash down with your drink or you’re in the mood for a full on feast, Cheeky Monkey has you covered. We specialise in new-fangled twists on pub and American bar food favourites. On our menu, you’ll find everything from sliders, nachos, and stacked platters to juicy burgers, delicious pastas, smoking grills and much more. Our kitchen team has also thrown in a few vegetarian and gluten free friendly options, so everyone can kick back and tuck into tasty treats that pack a flavourful punch.

#3 – Fun-tastic vibe

When it comes to bar vibes, there are horses for courses, as they say. At Cheeky Monkey, we’re all about the fun-factor, dialled up to 11. So, if you’re in the mood for a casual hangout spot, where you can relax, have a blast, and maybe even enjoy a hearty singsong to the mega tunes on our hi-fi, then we’re the bar for you. Our mission is to provide a lively atmosphere where guests can chill, have a great time, and let the good times roll. With us, every visit is a memorable experience filled with laughter and enjoyment.

Cheeky Monkey Gastropub - Bar in Malta

#4 – A cheeky crew

At Cheeky Monkey, we take immense pride in our team. We’re not your average bunch of bar staff, we’re a close-knit team brought together by our shared love for creating unforgettable experiences. Not only are we passionate about serving up fantastic drinks and delicious food, we’re on a mission to redefine the meaning of a great time in a warm and inviting atmosphere at our bars in Valletta and Qawra. Whether you’re craving a lively chat with our fun-loving bar staff or seeking a reliable food recommendation, rest assured, our team has got your back.

#5 – Mega merch

But wait, there’s more to love about Cheeky Monkey! We’ve now got our very own merch, hot off the press! It’s no secret that our customers adore the cheeky vibes they experience here (just Google our amazing TripAdvisor reviews for proof), and now they can take a slice of that fun home with them. From trendy clothing and quirky bar paraphernalia to cool mugs, accessories, and even our very own Cheeky Monkey plush toy, our merchandise line-up has something for everyone. So, when you swing by, be sure to check out our gift shop and spread those happy, cheeky vibes far and wide!

Ready to experience the best bar in Malta?

Get ready to swing into the fun at Cheeky Monkey, where it’s always buzzing with excitement! Book your table or booth in advance to secure your spot. Planning a special celebration? Let us handle the details for you! Whether it’s a birthday bash, a work-do, or a legendary hen or stag night, our teams in Valletta and Qawra are here to make it unforgettable. Just give us a shout, and we’ll take care of the rest!