Gin-spirational Drinks: A gin bar in Malta with a cheeky twist!

Refreshing, sophisticated, creative. There seems to be no end to the versatility of a great gin. And what particularly sets gin apart from other spirits is its infusion with botanicals like juniper berries, citrus peels, and diverse herbs and spices, appealing to those who enjoy intricate flavours and relish the chance for cocktail experimentation. Those who love their gin, know that quality gin is the key. At Cheeky Monkey, we boast an exceptional range of premium gins and innovative cocktails, showcasing unique flavours and twists, making us a most sought-after gin bar in Malta. With locations in Qawra and Valletta, our fun and friendly gastropub is known for a great atmosphere to come hang out and enjoy a great drinking experience complete with flavour-loaded food options and top tunes pumping out our stereo!

Whether you’re seeking classic favourites or bold new gin drinks, Cheeky Monkey has you covered.

8 gin-tastic cocktails you simply must try at Cheeky Monkey

Do you prefer your gin beverages straight and simple or infused with creative, fruity flavours? Come explore your palate for gin as our skilled bar staff at Cheeky Monkey craft signature cocktails that showcase a unique blend of tastes, promising a fabulous drinking experience in each sip.

Here are 8 sensational highlights from our gin cocktails which you’ll find on the Cheeky Monkey menu at Valletta and Qawra:

Blue Lady:

At the heart of our Blue Lady cocktail is an exquisite Opihr gin, known for blending exotic spices and botanicals from distant lands. Stirred with Blue Curaçao syrup, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and egg white, this gin-infused cocktail makes for a bitter-sweet sensation that is a delight to sip on.

Gin Bar in Malta - Cheeky Monkey Gastopub Qawra and Valletta


Known for its smooth and perfectly balanced taste, classic Bombay Gin is given a new lease of life in our Bramble cocktail. Combining a dark blackberry liqueur with lemon juice and sugar syrup, it offers a moody vibe, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a bit of intensity in their gin experience.

Vesper Martini:

Taking inspiration from the classic James Bond cocktail as invented by author Ian Fleming, Cheeky Monkey updates this iconic recipe with a Martin Millers gin together with Stoli vodka, Lillet Blanc, and tonic bitters. This is one gin cocktail that is sure to leave you shaken and stirred in the best way possible!

French 75:

Another timeless addition to our menu, the French 75 cocktail pays homage to the rapid-firing 75-millimeter field gun from WWI. Crafted with gin, fresh lemon juice, and sugar syrup, each sip of this classic cocktail packs a punch, and will have you fired up and ready to enjoy the night with each bracing gulp.

Gin Bar in Malta - Cheeky Monkey Gastopub Qawra and Valletta

Cheeky Infusion:

Our gin menu wouldn’t be complete without at least one Cheeky Monkey inspired cocktail. Inspired by our penchant to be both naughty and nice, this signature creation combines our house-infused chili and strawberry gin with lime juice, sugar syrup, and soda water. Sip on this delightful blend and let its bold flavours set the stage for an evening filled with cheeky fun.


A Negroni is a true classic that needs no introduction. Our rendition stays faithful to tradition, blending gin, Campari, and Vermouth Rosso with precision and finesse. Savour the sophisticated harmony of flavours as each sip takes you on a journey of refined indulgence.

If blissful zen in a glass is what you seek, then order our Monkey 47 Sloe—a harmonious blend of German sloe berry gin, zesty lime juice, delicate elderflower, and crisp cucumber tonic. Sip on this refreshing concoction and let its rich, cloudy liqueur transport you to a state of contentment with every sip.

Mixing your drinks? Here’s a taster of Cheeky Monkey’s drinks selection.

Beyond all the delightful gin cocktail goodness, Cheeky Monkey boasts an extensive line-up of spirits, wines, and alcoholic beverages that’s sure to impress. From craft beers to an array of rums, whiskies, cognacs, and vodkas, we’ve got something for everyone. And for those looking to add an extra kick to the evening, we offer trays of shots to keep the fun going. With such a variety, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect sip to complement your night out, no matter where it leads you.

Are you ready to experience the best gin bar in Malta? Swing by Cheeky Monkey in Valletta or Qawra, open daily between 4pm and midnight. Book your table in advance to avoid disappointment.